5 Best Domain Registrars

Are you searching the internet to buy a domain from the best domain registrars? Then don't worry we've got you covered.

Each and every website on the internet needs a catchy domain name and choosing the best domain registrar would be a tedious task.

What does the domain registrar actually do?

It's an entity that registers and manages domain names for all websites around the world. Choosing the right domain registrar is very important as there are many domain registrars available on the market.

In this article, we'll see the best domain registrars by comparing their pros & cons. All of the below-listed domain name registrars have been officially granted permission to register domain names by Corporation for Assigned and Numbers (ICANN).

The domain registrars also offer a few other services like privacy protection, web hosting, and website builder all-inclusive at a one-stop-shop offer.

Choosing the right domain registrar is as important as building your website. It not only helps you protect your brand name but also makes it easy to move your website to a new host or service provider.

So, let's get started on choosing the best Domain Registrars.

1. Domain.com

Domain.com has been around for a long while. It has covered you on both the most recognizable domain extensions as well as new and emergent top-level domains. Quite an affordable price.  

Domain.com has a quick domain search tool you can use for your domain name research. You can get access to all domain management tools.

A .com from Dmain.com can be registered for $9.99 per year on your first payment. A bit of creativity with the domain names and extensions can save you a good bit of money too. 

So, say for example getting a domain with an extension .pip you can get this for as low as $2.99 per year on your first payment.

But for hosting, SSL certified and email with an added cost for all domain registrations.


1.) Quite an affordable price

2.) Support with 24/7 chat, email, and phone support

3.) Available for hosting


1.) Domain privacy costs extra

2.) Domain can only be registered for 5 years max

3.) After 5th-year renewal prices are high

2 . Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the largest domain registers available and they are officially WordPress hosting partners. They are also the largest web hosting providers. The name Bluehost specifies that.

If you looking for a hosting and domain name then Bluehost is your partner. Owe a single purchase you can get both hosting and domain name for your new website to go online.

So, that you don't need to get hosting from one, and domain name from another, it's way convenient and a great deal.

In Bluehost, you can get everything you need for as low as $2.75/month. It is super simple to set up your website with Bluehost even if you haven't done it before.

Bluehost provides website builders, where you can quickly build your website from a wide range of site templates, which they offer. 

Enables the SSL certificate and CDN with one click.


1.) Offers free domain name for web hosting bundles, only the 1st year

2.) Supports, 24/7 phone, and live chat

3.) Web hosting and email available


1.) Renewal costs more

2.) Added costs

3 . NameCheap

NameCheap is another best domain registrar on the list. They do offer add-on services like domain privacy and premium DNS. NameCheap offers free WHOLS guard privacy with all their domain names.com from NameCheap can start from $122.98 and can vary on offers and sales. If you are searching for a newer domain extension, the price can be even lower.

You do get forwarding, which can help you set up professional email addresses with your domain name.

Its fair price, free domain privacy, and low renewal costs, which get the NameCheap ahead of the competitors and the best one for domain registrations.


1.) Low price

2.) Free WHOIS privacy

3.) Fair and low renewal prices and SSL certificates 

4.) Supports 24/7 via live chat


 1.) DDoS protection costs extra

2.) Supports via phone are unavailable

4 . GoDaddy 

A big domain name register. It offers web, email, website builder, and marketing tools. You get all of those at a one-step click for your web services. 

Then prices are a bit high compared with other domain registers. But you can get a significant discount on the first year of your domain name registration. The price can start from around $18.99 for .com and $19.99 for net and $20.99 for org, all with the source renewal prices.

GoDaddy now offers free basic WHOIS privacy, which was an optional service before. You can get an all-in-one domain register, web hosting, and site builder.


1.) All-in-one web services

2.) Support 24/7 live chat and phone support


1.) Expensive price compared to others

2.) Expensive domain privacy and protection

5 . Google Domains 

Google Domains a powerful and easy to use.  Domain register from one of the world's most recognizable companies. No hassle, not complicated, just a simple layout for domain name registrations. A straightforward domain register.

Pricing is transparent and fair compared to most of the domain registers. It can start from $12 per year and can vary for .io extension and a few more.

Domains privacy are for free till you are registered with Google Domains. But there are no options for DDoS protection. Google 2-step verification is also included with every purchase, which adds an additional layer of protection to your accounts.

 You can get the best domain names for your websites with the best deals from Google Domains. Plus you can register for up to 10years through Google, there are no hidden charges. And also, provides support 24/7.


1.) Transparent Pricing

2.) Workspace addon available

3.) Easy to use layout


1.) Limited availability of domain extensions

2.) No DDoS protection 


Choose the best domain registrar which offers the best privacy protection, support, fair price, and check for extension availability too. We hope you found this article helpful to start your personal online journey.

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Stay Tuned! 

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