Fastest Growing Programming Language

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Hello to the techies and the upcoming ones. 
Here on this blog, we shall see the fastest-growing language in the 20th century.
And then you decide to build your future in the tech world.

  • Self Introduction

"I'm an Associate Technology Engineer, in the field for almost 2 years now. A tech freak who loves to code."

  • Why Python?

If you are new to the programming language or trying to figure out a way to learn a new computer language. The first suggestion would be python. 
As it is beginner-friendly, easy to learn, has easy syntax, and has readily available libraries with a large number of communities to help out.

I myself started with frontend development learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript. But all of a sudden my colleague once referred me to a course to take up for the weekend. He wanted me to learn python and start implementing frameworks and backend stuff. 

After that, I started to browse a lot about upcoming languages and the complexity to learn and the syntax, and so on. But to my surprise, the first position was PYTHON, for which my colleague referred me to take up the course.
I'm thankful for his support and ideas.

After which I switched my frontend to backend developer. And life is smooth and a lot to learn and keep skilled up.

Yes, python can do a lot of stuff. There are a lot of frameworks and libraries which are handy and with a large community to help out.

  • Python Uses

  1. Think of Data Science, the sexiest job in the 20th century. Not to forget that we do have R on the top list for Data Science.
  2. Machine learning 
  3. Web Frameworks
  4. Big Data
  5. Automation, and a lot more.

Never forget that coding is one of the most paid skills to get knowledge on.

So, if you're a person who is eager to learn a programming language for a job or for passion. Then you have the answer from where to begin and what to choose.

  • Conclusion

Hope you guys understand the importance and usage of Python in the tech world.
The future is waiting and we can build it with our skills.
That's the reason most of them prefer Python over many other languages.
All thanks to Guido Van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming language.


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